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Our Philosophy


Our Philosophy

At KKS, we appreciate the investment and trust of our customers by creating products that are special, flawless and exceed expectations.

We must be open to continuous trend development, innovation and modernization without end according to market conditions

and we believe that the highest investment strategy is in 2 main aspects, namely human resources and technological equipment supporting production facilities which will ultimately be dedicated to presenting unlimited creations.

The philosophy of KKS is to be the leader in the market, and make a profit by using the “Genchi Genbutsu” strategy. In other words, the majority of our profit funds will always return to investments intended for quality improvement.


Led by the best veterans in our industry

Long before PT Karya Kelola Semesta (KKS) was established, the founders of KKS had started their professional careers since the early 1980s. It was with this combination of valuable experiences that Karya Kelola Semesta was born and was able to position the company in the categories of tactical vehicles, military defense and various functioning vehicles. other specials. The founders of Karya Kelola Semesta did not only carry out a profit-oriented business, but based on passion, noble ideals and the desire to offer the best for the nation, from the nation's children who are proud of Indonesia.

It took more than 2 decades (20 years) for KKS to be in its current position. If the technology of machinery and physical infrastructure can be derived from the power of investment, the application of products in the field and the efficiency of using products in various conditions can only be achieved from experience and understanding of the customer's culture in using these products.

In line with the needs and trust of customers in the work ethic and dedication of the KKS founders, we are always ready to open up opportunities and adapt to meet various customer needs. There is no limit to the creation of our current line of business in the body of various military, anti-riot, public transport and other specific function vehicles. As far as the imagination and needs of our customers, that's how far we will strive to realize our creations.


Becoming a Well and Correctly Managed Company by Always Prioritizing Sustainable Development.


PT KKS Brings 3 Main Elements Which are The Main Motors of Business Movement, namely Safety, Value, Partnership.

We honor our heritage when we build the best products for a sustainable future


3 Main Elements


Customer safety, worker safety and the security of anyone who interacts with KKS products is our highest commitment, KKS will not underestimate all the needs for security.


By being competent in each activity target, KKS not only provides the expected service, but provides meaningful and satisfying services beyond expectations.


KKS not only utilizes and implements, but establishes relationships both vertically with colleagues and horizontally with all elements of the supporting force for the implementation of the project, to form a strong trust.

Our specialist team will be dedicated to providing the best service in understanding your needs and providing ingenious and innovative solutions for the best results.